Our Approach

Spine View, Inc. is passionately committed to the development and commercialization of novel, minimally invasive technologies aimed at improving spinal decompression and fusion procedures with a host of spine-related surgical and interventional products.

Brad Jones, M.D - Orthopaedic Spine Surgeon, Redding CA
"One of the key things, I think, is there's less retraction on the nerve roots both introversing and exiting the nerve root, those are always an issue when you're doing the manual prep"

Brad Jones, M.D - Orthopaedic Spine Surgeon, Redding CA
"What's important is if you can demonstrate that you are saving 10-15 minutes per case, per level, that's a dramatic cost savings to the hospital, the facility."

Thomas Roush, M.D – Spine Surgeon, Lake Worth FL
MIS Decompression System - "I make a smaller incision that can split through muscles, and not really damage any muscles; not creating much scar tissue. That is a significant improvement. If I were a patient, that would absolutely be the way I would want to be treated just so I can recover my normal activities much more quickly and without the complication that can occur when the nerve are being manipulated through a more formal or open spinal surgery"

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